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Virtual keyboard online

A virtual or on-screen keyboard is a keyboard depicted on a computer screen, mobile device, or TV screen. The keys are pressed with the mouse cursor or your finger on touch screens. The virtual keyboard can be installed on your computer as a program or you can use the online version. The second option is more common because it is available on any device without the need to install additional software.

An online keyboard may be needed in different cases. Many people resort to such typing for security purposes. The point is that the text typed with the mouse cursor excludes keystroke logging, which makes it difficult for malicious programs to get data. The virtual keyboard is also used in case of physical keyboard failure or when the desired layout is not available.

The virtual keyboard at Klaviatura.Online is easy to use both on computers and TVs as well as on mobile devices. If the keyboard suddenly doesn't fit on your phone or the keys seem small, just flip the screen horizontally.